I Said I’d Never Do It Again

I lied.

Not intentionally. But a lie is a lie…I guess.

I said I would never create another blog again and yet here I am typing away.

Welcome to Changed by Purpose!

My aim is to create content that takes the secrecy off purpose.

Believe it or not there are people who die each day, who lived a long life not knowing what the heck they were created for.

Some never made the connection that the things they were passionate about contained the recipe for purpose.

We all want to tap into that “something” that clicks within us.  It just feels right.  Usually comes naturally.

You don’t have to fight it. It just is.

This blog intends to help you do just that through the stories of people who found that thing that clicked.  It felt right and came naturally to them. They didn’t fight it.  It just was and is.

These people are those whose lives have been changed by purpose.

Through these stories, empowerment sessions and so much more I hope to incite you to chase your passion down and watch it collide with your purpose.

So as I’m concluding what I said I’d never do again, I leave you with a first lesson about purpose….NEVER SAY NEVER.

Christine A.

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