Warning Signs

Why do we like to ignore warning signs? 

The speed limit says 45 mph and we drive 70 mph. 

The caution lights dance all around your date like fireflies and you STILL say yes to a second date. 

We justify ignoring the signs that have been placed for our protection and when we get hurt we look around upset that nobody warned us.

We have the ability to discern when something is not quite right. So why is it that we ignore that little voice inside? 

God gives us the warning signs and we’re uneasy about certain things, yet still we carry on.


Because if we’re honest with ourselves we’ve convinced ourselves that our way is better. 

I know better.

“I can handle driving over the speed limit; the cops have better things to do than to pull me over.”

“I know he’s a little weird but a second date won’t hurt, maybe he was just having an off day.”

The following of our will and our plans exemplify a significant lack of trust and discernment.

If we’re going to become all God has created us to be, we’re going to need discernment to navigate through our purpose.

Will we be able to make the right decision when we receive an offer but we feel uneasy about it? Or will we be swayed by the number of zeros in that offer?

As we pursue our purpose we must pay attention to those feelings, intuitions and warning signs that God places in us and around us. The protection is not just for us but for the vision that’s inside us.

We’re valuable goods but we’re not the only thing that needs protecting; our  purpose needs protecting so that it can reach to and connect with those who need it!

Pay attention. 

Don’t miss the warning signs.

Your life and purpose may count on it.

12 thoughts on “Warning Signs

  1. The warning signs are always there; it’s visible to those who want to take heed but, often oblivious when we think we could do it on our own, or the worst outcome may not happen to us. Until it actually happens to us, it is when some of us finally wake up from our slumber.

    I know for me (I am extremely stubborn), I had found myself in many situations that could’ve all been prevented if I’d just paid attention to all of the red flags before me. Thank God for the Holy Spirit and his guidance; even when I turn left He comes after me, relentlessly.

    And you’re right! We must always be mindful that our purpose and us calling, reaching, and impacting people counts on it!

    Great post love!

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  2. Amen, Amen and amen!

    Warning signs are all around, we just have to pay attention and take our eyes off the obvious. Maybe then that discernment start to kick in!
    Great post sister, love it! Love you! ❤️

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  3. This is so awesome! Sometimes we ignore the warning signs because we’ve become conditioned to live within the confinement of danger; so what should be avoided becomes our norm.

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  4. “We justify ignoring the signs that have been placed for our protection and when we get hurt we look around upset that nobody warned us”

    Yasssss 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾.

    Warning signs is always going to be here and I think people ignore it because it’s always that “oh let’s give it a try or a chance” (mindset) without paying attention to the red flags and of course no one is perfect but, you need to know that this doesn’t belong in your purpose of life – doesn’t matter if its a relationship, friendship or even a career that we thought were for us. Warning signs are everywhere – definitely got to pay attention and always pray first before making a decision…. love, love , love this post 💕💕.


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  5. Yup, I’m guilty of that 70 in a 45, but not for long. God always has His way of pulling out that radar gun and reminding me that ignoring the signs set in place to guide me needs to be followed. God’s love and grace are amazing. Wonderful post my friend!

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