I Can’t or I Will?

Saw this at the museum and thought about how easily we flip-flop between these two statements. “I can’t go on. I’ll go on.” That is the choice we are faced with every single day we wake up. Will we “go on?” 

Will we keep striving towards our goals? Will we stand in the midst of adversity and challenges, not bowing or caving under the pressure? Will we believe that better is coming? Will we go against what’s popular and trendy to stand out as our own unique selves? 

Will we hold our heads up high when our past tries to shame us? Will we say yes to happiness and love even when we think we don’t deserve it? Will we be brave enough to start again after failure? Will we go on? 

Resilience is resisting the temptation to quit. Life definitely tries to trip us up sometimes but I believe that we all have that “I will” power on the inside of us. When faced with what looks like defeat or loss, instead of responding with a temporary “I can’t” decide today that YOU WILL. 

Christine A.

I’d love to hear from you! Please comment or email info@changedbypurpose.com to share your thoughts and experiences.

One thought on “I Can’t or I Will?

  1. ” we all have that “I will” power on the inside of us. ” – yes , we do have this “I will” power in us but we tend to not believe in that I will but, we believe in that “no, I can’t because of this or that…” but, back to what you said “I will” has to be built with power and strength that no matter what comes our way , we can still make it and still go for it – no matter what failures , we keep going…. great post sis ❤️



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