Self-Care Pt.4: You Matter

For the past couple of years, every summer, I participate in an event that is imperative to my self-care. The BeYOUtiful Women’s Retreat© is a time for women to get away and recharge, rejuvenate and relax. Through empowerment sessions, fellowship and fun, the retreat allows women the much needed time for self-care. This year, we were at the gorgeous Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa. The weather was perfect, the people were amazing and I just knew I was going to have a great time.

I decided before going that I was going to vlog my experience, so I made sure to pack all my equipment. I had my MacBook, my mic, my lights, my cameras because I decided this would be perfect as a part of the self-care series. Besides that, I was responsible for getting some media footage of it all so I was recording all the sessions and taking pics. On top of all of that, I had reading for class and a paper due the evening I returned, so I brought my books and notebook to complete my assignment. Sounds relaxing, yet?




I forgot what I was initially there for! To relax, recharge, rejuvenate…to RETREAT! With blogging, I didn’t want it to be something I started and didn’t finish (again). I want to be consistent and organized. I made a commitment (Read my post: I Was Being Stalked) and that is what I was going to do.

But a part of my self-care and yours, is taking some time to disconnect and refuel so that the goals and purpose we’re committed to can get some fresh wind.

I work full-time, serve at my church, I’m in graduate school (which is another full-time gig), I blog/vlog (which can take 3 hours just to edit a 3-minute video clip), I help mentor young women, and I have family & friends that need me too. But I am no good in any of these areas if I don’t give myself time for me.

Child, I left that vlogging camera and my textbooks in that bag so quick once the light bulb came on! I went to each session clutter-free, open to really hear and receive (not mentally planning all that needed to be done). On Saturday, I was a beach bum and I loved every second of it. I needed it! I didn’t respond to any tweets or my blog sisters’ group chat (sorry ladies) but I did not feel guilty at all.

I think sometimes because we have goals, we feel we need to grind every second. Your goals will not disappear if you take a break!

You may not be able to go to Jamaica or Paris for a vacation but there are so many ways to retreat. Put your phone on silent. Go to the park, have a picnic and read a book. Go to the beach. Have your own Binge Watchathon at home and watch the entire series of your favorite show. Have a spa day. Disconnect because YOU matter.

Make time for you!

Your goals will thank you for it.

The Creator, Founder & Host of the BeYOUtiful Retreat, Life Coach & Pastor: Renee Roberts
Sister, Sister
Amazing Beach Day
Laugh, Love & Live!
FullSizeRender (2)
All of the 2017 BeYOUtiful Women’s Retreat Ladies


Christine A.

I’d love to hear from you. What are some ways you disconnect or refuel? Do you find it hard to give yourself time for you?


14 thoughts on “Self-Care Pt.4: You Matter

  1. Since blogging is more of a good hobby for me I never get too consumed by it unless I am super inspired at the moment lol. I do find it hard to make time for myself because I was one of those people who stayed in survival mode! I was a true workaholic and I am still learning to say NO to people.

    Some ways I like to disconnect and refuel is by drawing or painting. I might go to a open mic or perform one. Or maybe just go for a walk and get some of my favorite ice cream. Overtime I have learned to have money with little or no money at all.

    The retreat looks amazing! I am glad you got to unwind!

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  2. YESSSS! I went to the beach by myself on Saturday and I left my phone home on purpose. I was just there reading, napping and swimming. It’s so important to take time to just… be. Something I have to do more often.

    The retreat looks amazing!!!!

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  3. Refuelling is so important! We can’t run on empty. It might sound strange but one of my favorite ways of recharging the batteries is simply to potter around the house organizing things or working in the garden. When I work with my hands it gives my brain a rest!

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  4. I love this blog post lol. You are definitely goals I know I will be doing all the things you are in a few years. ( I myself want to go into grad school, have my job, blogging and vlogging, mentoring, etc) I love the idea of this retreat. It sounds so cool! honestly I feel like a way to retreat is to literally leave my phone at home. I am constantly on my phone! I think I need to have my personal retreat soon!

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    1. Brigette,

      Thank you for reading! Take yourself on your personal retreat. You’ll be better in all the areas you desire to pursue. That break was really what I needed. I’m always on my phone too. Terrible habit. A friend of mine has schedule no phone hours. I’m going to implement that into my daily schedule. Baby steps lol. Thanks for reading!


  5. “I think sometimes because we have goals, we feel we need to grind every second. Your goals will not disappear if you take a break!” – come on sis!!! Yess, this is so true and I believe that sometimes the reason why we grind everyday and every second is because we’re trying to get to the finish line quick but, we need to remind ourselves that with every process/journey takes time and patience. So, we need to enjoy every moment that we’re in but, more importantly take that “me time” to ourselves. Without self care you can’t accomplish a lot of things …so it’s important we take care of ourselves before doing anything. It becomes overwhelming if we do everything at once and never take a break. Proud of you sis, good for you – for taking your trip and spending time to yourself ❤️.


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  6. I’m so glad that you enjoyed your time away! You are so right about taking the time to refuel, it’s extremely important and necessary. You really can’t achieve anything if you’re not mentally,emotionally, and physically healthy!

    I’ve learned to include self care in my daily life by just doing simple things like napping, reading, going to the park etc. Every single day I make time for me, and that is what has kept me sane!

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  7. I’m a new blogger but girl I love your creativity. Your blog is similar to what I have planned for mine. I plan on posting poetry, music reviews, pictures, advice, story times, beauty tips, and etc. Please follow and check it out:
    P.S. that waistline is snatched honey

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