Chosen: You are Qualified

Ever felt unqualified?

Like there’s-just-no-way-I’ll-ever-be-selected-so-why-bother-even-trying unqualified?

Why would the person who is short-tempered, impatient, unfriendly, blunt-borderline-brash with people be given the shot?

That’s what I thought when God said He wanted to use me.

“Are you sure you want me, God?” Because as a fellow blogger told me the other day, I have no filter.

But that’s exactly how it happens. A+B=C

Exhibit A: God in all His awesome, knowing-it-allness.

Exhibit B: Crazy, jacked-up, inconsistent, unfaithful, emo you and I.

Exhibit C: Some awesome purpose or destiny He created specifically for Exhibit B (YOU) to do.

This is the formula God uses. 

He chose to choose you.

You in all your flaws, dispositions, mistakes and quirks.

God chose to choose you because you are the one He created to do that specific thing, in the specific way you do it and at the specific time He’s called you to do it.

My identical twin cousins may be able to confuse you of their identity at first glance but based off how they do what they do, it’s easier to tell them apart. 

Even with identical features, there’s still only one person in the world who can do things the way you do. There may be millions of bloggers, teachers, stylists or entrepreneurs but none of them do what they do the same way. None.

Only you can be you and do what you do.

So remember that the next time you want to compare yourself. Or the next time you feel insecure or feel that you don’t measure up.

He chose to choose you.

Now prove to Him that He made the right choice.


Christine A.

Please share this post with someone who needs it.

I’d love to hear from you. Do you struggle with feeling qualified? Are you ready to do what you were created to do?

11 thoughts on “Chosen: You are Qualified

  1. Wow, this was a great reminder that even when you’re freaking out and thinking you aren’t the right person, you are. He chose you for a reason and it’s important for us not to question it, but sit confidently in knowing that he presents things that fit perfectly with our uniqueness.

    Thanks for this morning reminder sis!

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  2. Wow, did I needed to hear this! And sometimes I do feel unqualified and not good enough because everything I do – I feel like it’s not good enough for others but, I realized when it comes down to others, nothing is ever good enough but, who cares what others think cause I know I’m qualified and I know I’m enough ! as usual God shows me how unique I am and what I do is different. Everyone is different in their own unique ways and there’s nothing wrong with that. comparing yourself is a no-no and a waste of time & energy plus brings in bad negativity. No on has time for negativity – Love you sis aka my singer 😘.


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    1. Comparison wastes SO much time and I really feel the enemy keeps us there to not get anything done! I love your uniqueness. Be you always because I definitely needed you. 🙂 Love you sis!


  3. Wow! Thank you so much for this….a lot of times I feel like I’m not good enough. But why not me like you said. He chose me & trusted me with a vision that was planted on my heart. So why not me for real. Thank u

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  4. Awesome read. I think we sometimes forget that God in His sovereignty can use anyone He chooses. Thanks for the reminder that even though I am an imperfect human, God in all of His perfection still chose me.


  5. Thank you! This was super encouraging! One of the challenges I’ve faced was promoting myself as a writing content creator- what made me so different from the many others out there? Thank you, once again, for this post!


  6. I feel like I’m ready to do
    What I’m
    Called to do. However there are times when I feel unqualified when it comes to certain things. So I still go through that once in a while. There are things that I don’t even know how they’re going to happen but I know that God will lead and provide.


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