When It All Falls Apart

So I had a beautifully written post ready for today, and I mean it was just flowing.

I’m happily typing away when this ugly little box pops up on my screen.

Basically it said something along the lines of, “We’re going to ruin everything you just worked so hard to create. Save?? What’s save?! Naw we’re going to delete it. You don’t need it anyways.”

After the initial shock wore off and I managed to pick my jaw up off the floor, I was pissed! 

I was ready to call Apple and get my money back even though its been forever since I’ve had my MacBook and no refunds would be given.

I could not believe that after drafting and editing my beautiful post, it was gone and I’d have to start all over.

(Insert violins) 

Start over?! I just poured my little bitty heart all into that post and it’s gone! My readers will just have to get a new post next week because I’m done. Poor me…right?

(Gives self the side eye)

Let me ask you something…how committed are you?

Are you willing to start over when things fall apart?

Do you quit when things don’t work out the 1st time? And the 5th time? And the 12th?!

At any sign of difficulty do you just throw in the towel?

Is that true commitment?

You can’t be committed only when everything is perfect and it’s raining lollipops and candy. That is not how life works.

Marriages don’t last if a couple decides they’re only going to be committed as long as everything is perfect and they never argue. 

No! They last because two people made a lifelong commitment!

Are you committed to your dreams? Are you committed to fulfilling your purpose?

Are you committed to those people who you’re serving? 

Believe it or not your purpose is connected to people. 

Every blogger, makeup artist, teacher, mother, entrepreneur, nurse, photographer, and everyone else reading this…your purpose has people connected to it.

What happens to them when you decide not to show up because it got a little tough? 

Recently, someone I didn’t even know was reading my blog said that she looks forward to reading my blog every Tuesday. 

She’s expecting me to be committed because she’s committed to me!

I wasn’t actually not going to write anything.  After the crazy, hectic day I had, it was as if God was like, “Guess what? POP QUIZ!” LOL! I knew that this was a test of my commitment.

Don’t allow frustrations, challenges, insecurities of not being good enough, lack of resources and sometimes just outright laziness, keep you from your commitment to your purpose!

When situations rise, just do what I did. Shut the computer down, get in the bed, turn off the light, get nice and comfy, lay your head down and say, “OK. I’ll just write about this tomorrow.”

Use those minor and temporary setbacks as fuel to keep going.

Coach Christine


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I’d love to hear from you.  Can you relate? Are you committed to your purpose? If you struggle with being consistent with your commitment, please comment and email me at info@changedbypurpose. Let’s talk!

17 thoughts on “When It All Falls Apart

  1. I needed to hear this thank you!! As you may know my internet situtaion i am currently here at the cafe trying to upload my video and catching up, there were so many times since my net went down that i felt to give it all up especially knowing that i just started my channel and i am trying to grow it but then people are encouraging me to keep pushing dispite the situation so keep pushing, you still ended up writing a post which was how your feeling and honestly it has encouraged me so thank you


  2. Loved this! You really just made me question myself. I just got a huge project assigned to me to present to upper management/ hiring managers at one of the biggest news stations in my city. When I got it I freaked because it’s pretty heavy, but reading this made me question how committed I truly am to making my dream come true and live in my purpose. It’s like we pray and pray and pray for it then it the opportunity shows up and we get small. Thank you for this post today. Thank you for reminding me that I need to remain committed and step up to the plate. Love you sis.


  3. Honestly, I’ve been feeling like I needed to put a fake smile to pretend to be committed to my brand/platform and just been exhausted with it. And great question “are you committed?” And the answer is no & yes lol cause yes to my brand – definitely committed to that but, no to the ideas for my brand . It’s like I’ve been committed to everything at once , and once everything falls apart, I’ll put it in the backseat and get back to it once I’m mentally good to get to work. you can’t let what you go through get in a way of what you’re passionate about nor work on everything at once and in a hurry lol. I learned that the hard way… thank you , as always your post always make me think outside the box,



    1. There’s a difference between being committed and being overwhelmed. We should never feel exhausted and drained all in the name of pursuing purpose. If we are, then we need to examine if this is really what I’m purposed to do this season. I already told you, I refuse to let my brain snap just to keep up with blogging lol. But for me it has been easy because I know this is what I’m supposed to be doing right now. God has graced me to balance this, grad school, working full-time and other commitments. I KNOW God is using your platform, especially through your gift of encouragement. You may never have time to write but when we get notifications that THEE Stacey commented, tweeted and liked our stuff…Ooooo!!! I get so excited! I’m like a kid in a candy store. I really feel you need to seek God about this. You can’t do everything but if there’s one thing you can do and do it well, DO IT! I’m always here… XOXO Love you. For real, for real


  4. Christine. Why did you just check my whole ENTIRE life??

    Commitment is something I struggle with every now and then.

    I loved it when you said “Are you willing to start over when things fall apart?”

    I can be princess at quitting, not only in life but also in my friendships and relationships.
    Whenever my man gets me upset I use to be like “You know what, this is a sign. We shouldn’t be together” or when I was apart of dance team and couldn’t get the moves as fast I took it as me not worth dancing.

    But commitment was made because God knew that there would be times where we’d want to give up and being committed was a way of proving to ourselves that this was something we really wanted.

    Thank you for writing this, thank you for being you, and thank you for being consistent and committed.

    Love you Sister

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  5. Are you willing to start over when things fall apart?

    This is a question that will challenge you to examine your inner motives and commitment to what you are called to do.

    Your passion will always fuel you to proceed, even in the face of starting all over again when you were almost finished.

    When I am on the brink of throwing in the towel in any given area of my life, somewhere in the midst, I see the people who are connected to me for a purpose. Which also means, if I give up now, I am removing myself from God’s big plan in helping another person.

    love the example you gave, “Recently, someone I didn’t even know was reading my blog said that she looks forward to reading my blog every Tuesday.
    She’s expecting me to be committed because she’s committed to me!”

    Thank you for sharing, sis!

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  6. Thank you for sharing. This is good to ask ourselves because something will ALWAYS happen to discourage us or slow us down. This really made me realize that even the greatest people we know had hardships. I will persevere, my sister, thanks again for sharing.


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