Just Say No


What is it about the word ‘no’ that makes people’s hearts drop a little?

We don’t like the word ‘no’ and some of us have a hard time telling ourselves ‘no’.

Why can’t I just eat that extra slice of chocolate cake although I’m working on eating healthier?

Why can’t I buy that purse although it’s definitely not in my budget this month?

We need to learn how to say ‘no’ to what we want sometimes because the immediate reward of having it now isn’t worth missing out on the greater reward we could have later.

If we’re all honest, we would all like to have our rewards now.

If we could have 100 clients now and not have to slowly build a network or client base over the next few years, we’d take it.

If we could have 10,000 followers on Instagram today, we’d love that and some people even go as far as buying social media followers (yes this is an actual thing).

We like to take shortcuts to our dreams instead of allowing the journey to mold us into who our dream needs us to be.

A few years ago, I was offered a position with 2 corner offices in two different cities and a very impressive starting salary, all moving costs paid. At the time, the offered salary was looking AMAZING to me since up until then, all I had received, was an hourly retail paycheck. But I was in my last semester of school, I would have to relocate in a few weeks and I just had this nagging feeling like this wasn’t the right timing.

If I gave in to what self was saying, “Girl don’t be stupid this is the opportunity of a lifetime! You have never been paid this much EVER…and all this without a degree?!?! Take it!”

If I listened to me…

A few months later I would have been laid off because both campuses got closed shortly after.

Yup. I would have been all alone in tumbleweed Texas, jobless and honestly, I probably would not have come back home to do my walk of shame because now my pride would come into play. So, just imagine that. I’d be spending years and years trying to make something happen that God hadn’t planned for me anyway, just because I couldn’t say ‘no’ to instant success.

Neil Patel explains it this way: Instant gratification is the desire to experience pleasure or fulfillment without delay or deferment. Basically, it’s when you want it; and you want it now. (Patel, 2014) 

There is no such thing as overnight success; we all have to go through the process and do the hard work required.

By saying ‘no’ to the instant gratification of that job offer, I not only avoiding being unemployed and alone, but I finished my degree and today my salary is much higher than what they were offering.

By saying ‘no’, my character was strengthened and built to be able to handle the position I’m in now.

By saying ‘no’, I was able to meet key individuals along my journey that helped me discover my purpose.

By saying ‘no’, I was able to go through my journey and become who God was calling me to be. But none of this was instant; I had to go through the process and the reward has been so much greater.

So ask yourself this: What reward are you forfeiting by not saying no?

Coach Christine

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11 thoughts on “Just Say No

  1. This got me right this morning! Loved it, reminds me of the urban dictionaries definition of “Microwave Mentality”! God has so much greater in store we just have to be in sync with Him, Trust him and the PROCESS! Love the quotes you used! I appreciate the transparency! #KeepWriting


  2. Amen! I couldn’t agree more. It’s important for us to listen to that voice in our head and when our gut is telling us to hold off on something 9/10 it’s for good reasoning. It took me a while to learn how to not only say no to the things I felt I wanted NOW, but to say no to people as well. Growing up I was always so nice to where I didn’t want to tell people no because I didn’t want them to get mad or feel like I don’t support them. This one characteristic also made me not able to say no to myself when I needed to. Now I definitely know better and thankfully gotten better at deciding when it’s right to say no and not feel bad about it. I’m glad everything worked out for you and you listened to your little voice in your head. Great post move. Always enjoy reading your words 🙂

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    1. Glad you’ve gotten better at knowing when to say no and not feeling guilty about it. I used to feel bad too but disappointing others but I realized while they were completing their agenda I was missing out on accomplishing mine. Thanks for reading Ash! Glad you could relate 😊💗


  3. “Why can’t I just eat that extra slice of chocolate cake although I’m working on eating healthier?”

    I’ll tell you why because chocolate cake is delicious and it’s chocolate- duhhhh , how can you say no to chocolate.(I’m obsess with chocolate if you haven’t notice 😝) ohhh I can’t say no to chocolate – no no no no no lol .

    Okay, let’s get back to business. Yessss siss ! I agree , it is okay to say NO to opportunities, to friends & family plus yourself. It is okay to say NO. I remember I would tell everyone yes, because I have a heart that wants to be there for everyone and when you’re there for everyone, they expect a favor every single time but, no. I’ve learned it’s okay to say no and take care of yourself, it’s okay to say no if it’s not part of your vision that God has for you. No doesn’t make you a selfish person nor doesn’t mean you’ll fail if you go in a different direction and I think that’s why people doesn’t want to say no to opportunities or people because they want the easy way out or they don’t want to seem mean nor selfish ❤️….. love youuuuuuuuu *singing*


    Stacey 💛


    1. lol you’re so silly. It’s true sometimes saying no to opportunities means turning people away and feeling guilty. You’re right! But saying no is better than saying yes to being out of God’s will for our lives. Thank for the support sis.❤️


  4. Love this post sister! For many of us (including myself), saying ‘no’ can often seem like we will be missing out on a great opportunity. Whereas, saying yes to what seems good on the forefront isn’t always the best path for us to take.

    Being in the same alignment with God in our decision making will save us from a lot of unnecessary disappointments and confusion.

    Great post! #blogsister #keepslaying #keepwriting

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  5. I always look forward to your post, it always speaks to me.

    That buying followers had me so dead. People with 8,000 followers but only 200 views on their video? We not dumb! Lol

    But the word “No” is my favorite word now a days. I use it often. Only because I was always a yes girl, willing to please everyone around me. But if it doesn’t sit well with me, the answer is NO! lol just because it sounds or even looks good, doesn’t mean it’s for you! Be smart!

    Amazing post baby. Love you ❤️


  6. Love this post. You hit key points on how everyone suffers with their own needs and how we have to choose for the longer term gain and not the short term gain. I love how you applied a personal story to your post.

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  7. Yas! Needed this post so much. It was just the confirmation I needed in my life. I was so accustomed to saying yes to any and every thing out of fear of turning down something that could’ve worked out for me but, good things will come in due time. Sometimes we say yes to things that are simply meant to be a test and that can mess up things in the long run. Learning to say “no” with no hesitation has been the best improvement that I’ve made thus far. Reading this just put the icing on the cake for me!

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