Complaining Is Too Easy #HurricaneIrma

Living in South Florida, we are still recovering from the effects of Hurricane Irma. Millions of people are still out of power and some have no water. I’ve watched people take to social media to complain about what they don’t have over the past few days. Meanwhile, there are people who had their entires homes destroyed in one day.

Nothing left.


It’s easy to sit behind our computers or with our phones and complain about the audacity to be without power 😒 when we don’t take into account how much worse it could have been.

We’re alive to be able to complain.

Our families are safe.

Our kids are healthy.

We may have damages but WE ARE ALIVE!

Practicing gratitude isn’t just for when things are going well. Practicing gratitude should be practiced especially when things are difficult, uncomfortable, challenging and frustrating.

Half my power was restored which means we have electricity in certain parts of my place. Which means my fridge is on but none of the outlets in my room work. This half restored power also means the entire building has no air conditioning.


Is it hot?

Heck yeah.

Is it inconvenient to have to move the coffee maker to the living room to make some coffee because the outlets in the kitchen don’t work?? 😂 


But I’m grateful for what I DO have! Plus, I have a plethora of people I know, who I can go suck up their cold air if needed.

It is soooo easy to complain but finding moments and things to be grateful for is harder.

I encourage you to do the hard thing today.

Life isn’t perfect but it’s good. Someone would trade lives with you in a heartbeat.

Think about that.

Coach Christine

6 thoughts on “Complaining Is Too Easy #HurricaneIrma

  1. We get so caught up in what we don’t have that we fail to take time to be thankful for what we do have. I’ve learned that gratitude, especially during hard times, changes things. It allows me to enjoy the blessings in my life while looking forward to the blessings to come. I’m glad you are safe and able to share your story. Great post!

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  2. Amen… Today I listened to a man who had to be evacuated from one of the islands here take the government to task because they are still not able to re-inhabit their uninhabitable island… I could not believe my ears, there is nothing on the island to support life and I was really trying to understand what his contention was. I mean he had life, how could he have missed that.

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    1. Some people just have a difficult time looking past what they do not have. At the same time, in a traumatic moment like that, of everything you knew to be gone…I’m not surprised he reacted like that. Its hard to accept that truth.

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  3. Come on sis !! Let them know, we get so caught of things not going our way that we tend to forgot that it could of gone worse and thank God it didn’t. Did it do some damage? Yes, some worse than others but, we’re breathing, we’re seeing and we’re jumping + dealing with this hot sun(damn Florida can you not be sooo summer cause summer over – lol jk). Overall, we’re here and we’re safe – thank God and that’s all we ask for ❤️. Love you sis 😌


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