Hold Up 2018

We are in the fourth quarter of 2017.

Just like that the year is almost over.

We are just a few days into the last quarter and I’ve received about 5 emails from various bloggers and entrepreneurs, discussing how this is the last quarter of 2017, so we need to be preparing for 2018. I was just like, “Whoaaaa!”

Can we enjoy the end of the year? Can we enjoy thanksgiving? Can we enjoy Christmas? Can we enjoy the goals and events we planned for the end of the year?!”

There’s always this rush in the last quarter of the year. Stores hang up Christmas decorations next to Halloween decorations. Dream board conferences and vision board parties are already lined up.



There is danger in feeling that need to always be ahead; to always be planning the next thing and the next thing and the next thing. If you’re always planning for what’s next, you miss out on a chance to enjoy the now.

What’s the point of creating all these ideas if you can’t enjoy those individual moments and achievements?

I’m not saying don’t have a plan for 2018. I don’t believe that on January 1st you should sit there and wonder, “Ok what should we do for 2018?” I do believe you should think ahead and walk into the year with a vision but pace yourself.

I spent so many years looking forward to getting my degree and when I finally got it, it was like “Ok. Yay! But what’s next?” Which is not necessarily a bad thing. But looking back, I didn’t enjoy the process and the journey to fulfilling that goal. I was always so discontent and anxious to get “there.”

Your “there” may not be the same as someone else’s, but we all have a “there” we want to reach.

For example, some single women fantasize about marriage and dream of the day of being married, to the extent that they’re missing out on the luxuries of being single in THIS season. As a single person, you don’t have to be accountable to anyone. You can just get up and go, and not worry about what your husband and children are going to eat for the week. You have a freedom that you will not have as a married women.


Even with all the goals we have for the last quarter and setting up 2018 to be amazing, don’t forget to enjoy the process. Don’t forget to enjoy the holiday parties. Don’t forget to enjoy spending time with your loved ones. Don’t forget to enjoy the plans you made for this quarter.

Enjoy your today.

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift of God, which is why we call it the present.”  – Unknown

Coach Christine

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10 thoughts on “Hold Up 2018

  1. LOL I feel the same way!! I’m like WAIT sheesh! How are we gonna skip over the best time of year like this? In my personal life I’ve found that meticulously planning for the future too far ahead of time causes me to really miss out on just living in the right now.

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    1. First of all, i love your name lol. Second, thanks for reading! I don’t want to rush the best time of the year! And you’re so right…planning too far ahead causes us to miss out. We just need to find that balance 🙂

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  2. ” There is danger in feeling that need to always be ahead; to always be planning the next thing and the next thing and the next thing. If you’re always planning for what’s next, you miss out on a chance to enjoy the now.” – yasssssssss !!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 Come on sis , say that one more time cause I don’t think the people in the back can hear you 👀 Lol . This spoke to me in every way cause my problem that I had was my planning went overboard to the point I forgot to embrace the moment of my posts , of my projects & just live in the moment. I think we start to overthink of what’s going to happen in a month, or next year to the point ,we forget that we haven’t enjoyed anything about it. Thank you sis 😘😘😘 love youuuu…

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  3. Such an on time post! Lord knows that I have so much going on that I tend not to enjoy the process while I’m at it.

    I love it when you said “There’s always this rush in the last quarter” because it’s so true. We tend to feel like we have to get our ducks in order fast but not really thinking it through. Thank you for writing this. I loved reading it.

    Love you beautiful! 💛

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  4. Christine!

    This post is a “WHOLE WORD” for a sermon. And I can definitely relate to being the person who plans, plan, plan for the next BIG thing and forget to sit still and enjoy the moment- enjoy the small steps I’ve been taking to get to the next…

    This is a good reminder!

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  5. A timely post indeed!!! Thank you for always reminding me of what I need to pay most attention to. It’s so true, we rush through almost everything in life when we should enjoy and live in the now. Priceless moments shouldn’t be rushed. Experience should be rushed. I was also hung up on it being in fourth quarter but I’m definitely going to be more aware of just enjoying the last of 2017 while slowly prepping for the new year. Love you!

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