So you finally discovered what your purpose is and you are ecstatic, excited and elated! You’re ready to jumpstart things and finally begin walking in your purpose.

That’s nice. Why?

Yes, I asked why.

Why are you ready to fulfill your purpose?

Is it because it will raise your net worth? Or is it because you’ll get more likes and followers on social media?

Will you become famous once you fulfill it? Is that why you’re ready to fulfill your purpose?

I ask these questions because as I’ve said before, the “why” behind the “what” matters.

Once I discovered what my purpose was, it was like everything clicked and came in to focus. I started getting, what I like to call, God Ideas and every so often would add them to my notes on my iPhone.

I knew that as a part of my purpose I’d be inspiring and encouraging others through teaching others how to discover their purpose.  I enjoy helping others tap into their potentiality. I enjoy being creative and using social media. I was soooo ready!

And if I can modestly say, I have a great looking face (so humble right?) so I was fully ready for my photoshoot because since I was called to speak to people, I had to make sure I looked put-together (whatever that even means).

In the midst of my God Ideas, planning my photoshoot, updating my social media handles and writing, I received one of those nails on the chalkboard, record scratching, “world stop” moments from God.

He asked me, “What are your motives?”

I had to check my motives. There was nothing wrong with planning a photoshoot or updating my social media, but I had to answer and make sure my “why” was pure.

What’s that intrinsic thing that’s pushing you to walk in your purpose?

Why do you want to become a brand?

Why do you go live on social media? 

Why do you post that post? 

Check your motives.

Stay pure.

Coach Christine


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10 thoughts on “Why?

  1. The topic of purpose has been coming up a lot lately in my conversations. This post gave me a lot more insight on what I can bring to the table when discussing it because you’re right. Motives can make or break the situation

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  2. *sips tea* because if we do not know our reason why behind our purpose then we are doing it for the wrong reason . “the “why” behind the “what” matters.” <— yes sis! I've been there before were I know I have a purpose but, didn't know what it was then finally I find out my purpose but, didn't know why and what my purpose meant to me. And there's people out there who knows their purpose but, don't know the reason behind it. Others, sometimes likes to follow steps of others and says it's fun because it seems like everyone is doing it but, that's not a good reason to start……. great point sis and very good question, got me thinking about myself 🤔. Love you ❤️
    Stacey ❤️

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  3. that should be a question everyone with a dream, vision should ask themselves.

    “What is my motive?”

    Too many people do it for fame, for money, for likes, comments. But if what you’re doing only helps you, you’re doing the wrong thing.

    I loved this post my love! You hit it right on the nail! Tuesdays are so much better because I always look forward to reading your work. Love you beautiful


  4. You nailed it, Christine!

    Knowing what you’re called to do is one thing, but once you start to do the work God has assigned to you, having the right heart to do it matters MOST.

    What are your motives? And whatever your answer is to this question reveals your heart.

    I remember jumping up so quickly when God revealed to me my purpose. But He checked me numerous of times on different occasions to check my heart.

    Thank you for sharing this, Christine.

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