3 Ways I Invest In My Purpose

Whenever someone shares how motivating my blog is or how watching me in purpose inspires them, I still have to fight the urge to look around to see who they’re talking about lol. For those who are close to me, they can see how I have suddenly come alive; they can see how my life is being changed by purpose (pun intended). This was definitely not a microwave process for me. Once I received clarity of what my purpose was, the first thing I did was invest into that purpose.

The definition of invest is to use, give, or devote (time, talent, money, etc.), as for a purpose or to achieve something offering potential, profitable returns.

People who invest in stocks don’t ever stop; they are always looking for ways to invest more to receive a greater return of profit. We as purpose pursuers should be doing the same. We should constantly be investing into our purpose. Here are 3 ways that I invest in my purpose and how you can invest in your purpose too.

  1. Pray to the Purpose-Giver Himself (GOD)

The very first way that I invested into my purpose was through prayer. God is the one who uniquely fashioned me with my personality, quirks, gifts and skills. He factored all of that in, when He designed me to fulfill the purpose of helping and encouraging others to reach their full potential, through coaching, counseling and blogging. Once I received clarity on what my purpose was, I went to Him in prayer because I really wanted to do this thing right! I knew that if I relied on my own ways of doing things, I would not fulfill purpose the way He had intended me to. I went to God and asked Him for wisdom in how to pursue purpose and wisdom in how to help His people. I asked Him to guide me along the right path and process for me; to open the right doors of opportunity to reach more of His people. One of the most important things I asked Him for was to receive innovation and creativity. I get bored easily!

If I was going to fulfill purpose, it had to keep me mentally stimulated and incite me to creativity.

God has been so faithful in fulfilling all the things I ask Him for in my pursuit of purpose, so please involve Him. Your purpose is something that God gave you and decided for you, before you were ever born. Wouldn’t it make sense to seek the Purpose-Giver on how to fulfill it?

  1. Dig up Research & Resources

 You finally got clarity on your purpose, you’ve prayed about it, and now it’s time to start digging. Once I realized what my purpose was, I began researching different ways I could use it. I researched and read articles on coaching, blogging and creating a YouTube channel. Watched countless videos on YouTube to learn how to create a website, record and edit videos. I studied other motivational speakers, coaches and YouTubers to see how they presented and branded themselves. I listened to podcasts about goals, purpose and motivational speaking, anything that would make me excellent in my purpose. Coaching does not require a degree but I wanted an educational background in it, to differentiate me from other coaches, so I researched graduate schools that offered coaching programs. I financially invested into my website making sure that my presentation was professional. Gathering your research and resources to accomplish purpose is an important aspect of fulfilling purpose.

Invest into doing your research before jumping full speed ahead. This may sound cliché but when pursuing purpose, knowledge is definitely power!

  1. Find Yourself a Cheerleader…Or Hire one

I’m so surprised at the number of people who are going into things blindly. This generation seems to have an issue with accountability and authority. Everyone is their own boss. Everyone has all the answers. Everyone is doing just fine with no help from anyone else. Ummm…as the old song goes, everybody needs somebody sometime.

You cannot fulfill purpose alone!

That’s why one of the best investments I have made in my pursuit of purpose is ensuring I have mentors and coaches to help keep me. Finding someone who has some experience and insight in the field of your purpose, is a wonderful resource to have. You get to learn from their mistakes instead of having to make the same ones. They celebrate your successes and push you past your comfort zone to produce great things! Hire a coach or find a mentor that could help take your purpose to another level. I offer discovery sessions to help you with your purpose goals! Click here to book a complimentary session today! You may already be doing well but imagine what more you could accomplish with someone cheering you along the way.

Don’t allow your purpose to just exist without pouring the necessary ingredients into it. Begin to look for ways to invest into your purpose and watch how you will start to receive the greatest, profitable return.

Coach Christine

16 thoughts on “3 Ways I Invest In My Purpose

  1. Yes!!! I love this. It can be super awkward to hear that you are actually impacting lives but how great that feeling is as well. I love that you give thanks to God and that you found yourself a cheerleader *in my OMI voice*.

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  2. I really enjoyed reading this. I have been struggling to find my purpose and this inspired me to pray more so I can be lead in the right direction.

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  3. Very refreshing perspective on purpose. Dr, Myles Munroe was my go to source on the topic of purpose. I cried like a baby when he, his wife and a few of his staff members passed away in a plane crash. I have most of his books and a lot of his sermons on my iPod. You hit the nail on the head about mentors and coaches. I check in with mine 4 times a year face to face and we talk a lot via email. My mentor helps me professionally and my coach makes sure I keep my personal life in perspective. Keep walking in your purpose, helping others birth theirs.

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  4. LOVED this! Once God revealed that He wanted to be writing and speaking, it was hard for me to not rely on my personal talent and resources. However, it is so important to continually go to Him in prayer so that we do not forget who the Giver is.


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