Find Your GPS

My mom called me the other day, asking for directions and I was so confused because her car comes equipped with a navigation system. Even if she didn’t have one in her car, she has GPS on her phone as well.

So I said to her, “Mom, why don’t you just use the GPS in your car or on your phone? It will guide you straight there.” Her response?

“I don’t want that lady talking to me.”

After I stopped laughing hysterically, it really made me think. My mom was unwilling to be guided to her destination because she did not want someone talking to her and telling her what to do.

How many of you are missing out on having mentors and coaches help guide you, all because…you don’t want “that lady” talking to you?

I mentioned in my last post, how this generation has a huge problem with accountability.


Because I’m grown!

I’m adulting.

Step back.

I’ve got this.

This generation has a rise in entrepreneurs and influencers. With one-click and enough followers, anyone can become the next “big thing.” I believe this generation has an amazing space and opportunity to do things that generations before us, never even dreamed were possible.

Yet, we’re missing out one key element that has proven results: mentorship and coaching. 

Mentorship is vital in your pursuit to purpose!

Everyone I know who has a mentor, has shared how the encouragement, relief, support, and wisdom they have received from their mentor, has helped them excel in their goals and purpose.

Who do you have in your life that can do that for you? And I don’t mean a positive friend that you pray with. A mentor is not a prayer partner.

A mentor is someone who will push you past your comfort zones, identify your fears, encourage you to go after your goals and dreams, they’ll give it to you real when you’re not on track and they are they for you to glean from.

I believe a mentorship works best if it’s someone who has some wisdom and experience that you don’t have; if they’re older than you that’s great, but they don’t necessarily have to be. A mentor should be someone who has gone where you’re trying to go whether it’s career-wise, in spirituality, relationship, financially, etc.  

What’s happening now is that we’re all taking advice from our peers, who are in the same sphere as us. Wouldn’t it be easier to have someone above you, show you the ropes and help pull you up?

I’m praying that you identify your GPS, someone who can mentor you and guide you to your purpose destination. Also, I hope that you would take your eyes off of you, for just one second, and look for someone who you can mentor!

You have wisdom and life experiences that can help someone who is heading where you are now.

I want all of you to reach new levels and new spheres of influence in 2018.

If you are looking for a mentor or coach, book a complimentary discovery session with me today!

Please share this post with someone who needs it and leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

Coach Christine

6 thoughts on “Find Your GPS

  1. You’re never too old to be mentored. My pastor and I had the longest conversation about how she’s the First Lady at our church and though women look to her for advice, she also has someone to go to when she needs wisdom.

    I’m the kind of person that needs an older person as a mentor because they’re the only people who intimidate me. My peers, people who are younger than me, my friends can’t be my accountability partner because they’re so easy to manipulate (sounds harsh but it’s true)

    I love my friends but I can easily lie to them if I wanted to. An older person makes me shake in my boots to the point where I end up spilling all my truth. My mom, my connect group leader and my mama Germaine are my mentors because all three are experienced and so full of wisdom.

    Your post is just a reminder on how important it is to have a mentor. Thank you

    I loved everything about this. Love you

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  2. This generation definitely has a huge problem with accountability because this whole thing of I can do all by myself like an independent woman, I don’t need no ones help & etc. attitude has to stop or this generation believes they may know more than an older person who’s experience life. Overall, I believe it is best to have a mentor, life coach, therapist. I know some people don’t believe in therapy but, therapy is very helpful… “How many of you are missing out on having mentors and coaches help guide you, all because…you don’t want “that lady” talking to you?“ *raises my hand* and it’s not because I don’t want “that lady” to talk to me lol but, I guess you can it’s hard for me to open up to someone new and put my trust in our conversation….

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    1. LOL @raises my hand lol. Stacey you can’t do this alone so I pray you open up a little more and allow someone to help push you in fulfilling your dreams. There is SO MUCH in you! Even if you open up a little bit at a time, I promise you great progress will be made. You know I’m here if you need me 🙂


  3. This is so true. Our generation has a firm hand on looking out for ourselves and often times hesitant to reach out for a helping hand. A lot of times I think people believe asking for help makes them weak.. and it doesn’t. Everyone needs someone to turn to. Great post sis! As always!

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