I Don’t Know and It’s Okay

Growing up, I remember there was this toy that I would play with. The objective was to fit the wooden pieces through the matching cut-out shape. A triangle piece could only fit through the cut-out area for a triangle and so on and so on.

I remember using all my little strength to try to squeeze these wooden pieces into the incorrect spot. No matter how hard I tried, it just wouldn’t fit.   

Well, that’s how I felt this week about blogging. I have mentioned before how I have never been the girl who kept a diary or journal. Although I have been told that I write very well, I don’t particularly enjoy writing. (insert gasp!). Seriously, if God didn’t literally give me ideas and topics of what to write, you guys would be out of gas every Tuesday.

When I try to force it, it just never works.

I want you to ask yourself these questions:

What things are you forcing to work?

Who are the people in your life that you’re trying to make fit?

What ideas, careers, and strategies are you using to squeeze yourself into a place that you’re not shaped or designed for?

See, I believe that we all have that innate desire to fit; we desire that feeling of being where we belong. That desire when applied correctly can be a great thing, but when the desire to fit or belong is misplaced…it can be dangerous, fatal even.

I write a lot about how our ‘why’ is important. As a coach, helping my clients identify the whys inside their what is one of my favorite parts of coaching.

When we chose to do things without knowing the purpose of a thing, we set ourselves up for disappointment and failure.

You start that business with no understanding of its purpose and when it fails, you walk away upset that no one supported you. You launch that women’s empowerment group and it seems like engagement has been decreasing rapidly so you decide that rebranding is the answer. After spending money on photoshoots and a brand new website, engagement is at a standstill because you still never took some to evaluate, what is the purpose?

What is the right shape?

Where does this vision and idea belong?

What type of people is this vision for?

Where do I belong?

I want to encourage you today by letting you know a secret: it’s okay to not know.

Say it out loud: I don’t know!

I had (and still have) no clue what to write about this week.

It would be easy to slap something together, like some other topic I read about recently or go to my Bible and highlight the living daylights out of it to come up with some life-changing message. But why do all that when its okay not to know and to just tell you that!

I truly did not know what to write…and out of it came what you’re reading right now. So the unknown isn’t somewhere to be afraid of or embarrassed to be in. The unknown is the birthplace of endless possibilities…and awesome blog posts.

Coach Christine

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11 thoughts on “I Don’t Know and It’s Okay

  1. Currently feelings the same, no clue what to write about and feeling like I’m failing because I’m not posting. Hopefully something good comes soon from this unknown place I seem to be stuck in.

    Enjoyed reading this and thinking about the other questions. xox

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  2. “What ideas, careers, and strategies are you using to squeeze yourself into a place that you’re not shaped or designed for?“ Boy, have I been there and done that, where I would tried to make sense out of a situation but, as time continue on I realized I was doing it more for others than for myself. It’s like my “why” wasn’t my “why” , it was more people’s “why” meaning whatever pleased others is what I would pursue or go after. And I didn’t even know why lol but, I’ve learned it’s exhausting to pleasing others and searching for the reason but, at the same time it’s okay If we don’t have the answer because it’ll come to us….. I love how you said “When we chose to do things without knowing the purpose of a thing, we set ourselves up for disappointment and failure.” – AMEN !!! It’s the truth and I know I’ve been in a path of not knowing why. I feel like before starting a journey, we should know why and if we don’t, we should take time and ask ourselves those questions of why, and how…..


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  3. Omg if this isn’t me right now! I haven’t blogged in like a month or two and I felt bad about it but I know that I just don’t have anything to say right now.. and that’s okay. I love that you highlight not to force anything because that’s so important. I love your kind reminders. I know when I’m do get out the fog in the midst of moving and adjusting into work, I’ll be back to blogging when the time is right.


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