3 Things 2017 Taught Me: Pt.2

The second thing that 2017 taught me (read what the first thing is here) is that failure is a large part of success. I was able to have an AMAZING year because of my past failures. For instance, I have been able to relate to sooo many of my readers and recent clients because of my past failures. I do not have the typical story.

I failed at college.

I failed at relationships.

I failed at communicating.

I failed in friendships.

I do not have the beautiful, cookie-cutter life I had planned in my twenties.

Yet, these failures allow me to connect to others, who, like me, have made mistakes and have dealt with the shame of failure.

We live in world where we post our perfect holiday vacations, our perfect selfies at the perfect angles with the perfect lighting.

We create perfect Instagram feeds and perfect websites but our lives are imperfect.

We post motivational and encouraging topics but in reality we feel unmotivated and discouraged.

2017 taught me that if I did not take my failures and turn them into flowers, I would be just another self-proclaimed “guru” with all the answers but living a broken life behind closed doors.

Free yourself today to be your truth. Your truth is all of you, not just the pretty parts.

Embrace your failures.

Learn from them.

Grow from them.

Turn your failures into flowers.

Coach Christine

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3 thoughts on “3 Things 2017 Taught Me: Pt.2

  1. Great post, Christine!

    Our failures are definitely a large part of our success, especially when we have learned and gain so much knowledge from it.


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