Out With The Old

Many times we limit ourselves from achieving our full potential because we’re afraid of what the perception of this “new” us will be. We’re worried about others saying we’ve changed. Everyone wants to be “real” and having someone think we’re a hypocrite doesn’t exactly fit into that image.

When God is doing something new in you, the old has to fall away.

Sometimes that means old relationships, old friendships, old ideas, old mindsets, and old behaviors. One of the things that I’m learning is that just because I did something the same way for years and yearrrs, and it worked wonders for me in the past…does NOT mean that way of operating will work for me in 2018. As a matter of fact, for me, the way I did things last year, would not work at all for this year.

The way that I blog? Different.

The relationships I’m building? Different.

The type of clients I’m getting? Different.

God is doing something completely different in all of our lives.

The way to navigate this year successfully is by receiving His plans, His ways, His strategies and His ideas.

We’ll be successful in every pursuit, every venture and every relationship if we seek Him for the new.

Ask yourself these questions:

What old things did I bring into the new year?

What old strategy am I still trying to implement that just isn’t working this season?

What negative mindset is preventing me from being able to recognize the new thing that God is trying to do in me?

Don’t stunt your growth this year and become frustrated in your lack of progress all because you decided not to hit that reset button.

Do it! It’s time for something new.



Coach Christine

6 thoughts on “Out With The Old

  1. “Don’t stunt your growth this year and become frustrated in your lack of progress all because you decided not to hit that reset button” —– Thats a quote honey!

    Listen, this was so good! Sometimes we bring these old habits with us without even recognizing that we’re doing so. But when things aren’t changing, you have to ask those questions that you wrote about, its so necessary.

    I loved this post! Cant wait to read the next one!
    Love you babes

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  2. I love what you said, “When God is doing something new in you, the old has to fall away.”

    God is ALWAYS doing a new thing, but the question I like to ask myself is, “Are you renewing your mind daily, Wid?” We can miss out on a new thing that God is doing in our life right now, by simply operating in an old mindset. And it’s true, what may have worked for you last year or yearrrsss ago may not work in 2018. Out with the old!

    This was a good blog post, sister!
    Love you

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  3. Love this post! I believe change is necessary for real growth and success. You have to make adjustments in life when you see fit, and always look to Him for guidance because He will never steer you down a wrong path! 🖤

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  4. I love reading your posts as my morning reads at my desk before I start work and meetings. It always gives me a boost of inspiration! These three questions are so timely as January was my “doing less to get more” month. But as I start new in February it’s important that i reflect of these same questions to make sure I’m not hindering myself with old ways of doing things. Thank you for this post Christine, Perfect timing as always (even if I’m 22 hours late to reading it) lol. Love you girl.

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