Just Keep Swimming

When learning how to swim, my instructor said, “You need to exaggerate your strokes. It will feel funny and may even look weird, but it will help you swim better.” See, I’m 5 foot 8 inches and she’s barely 5 feet tall. Although I was supposed to follow what she was doing, I couldn’t follow how she was doing it because we’re built differently. Her shorter limbs required less effort compared to my longer limbs. When trying to copy her smooth, fluid, Olympic-like strokes, my swimming looked more like I was having a darn temper tantrum.

Sometimes we underestimate the amount of effort it will require for us to succeed.

We watch what others do, read how others did it, and think if we do it exactly how we saw them do it, we’ll succeed too.

Post the picture. Get the followers.

Build the website. Get the business.

Create the dating profile. Get the marriage.

Buy the gym membership. Lose the weight.

There’s nothing wrong with learning and gleaning from one another, but we set ourselves up for major disappointment when we exclude from our learning, the fact that we are built differently.

When my swimming instructor said that to me, immediately (okay more like the next day after I got over swallowing a gallon of chlorine-filled water) my eyes opened to the fact that not only am I built differently, so I have to do this differently…but now my eyes were opened to how I could totally use that to my advantage!

I used to be very sarcastic, blunt, direct, and take NO account of the fact that, when I walked away from you, I left you bleeding by “the truth.” When I started working on my character, one of the first things that God pointed out to me was my speech. I remember wanting to please God so much that I was even willing to stop being sarcastic (insert ugly cry). But God told me, “I don’t want to remove your sense of humor; I put that in you. I just need you to use it in the right way.”

You were wired uniquely to fulfill an amazing purpose.

As I’ve mentioned before, your purpose is connected to people. Today, I see how being direct, blunt and having a sense of humor helps me to coach and love on all my millennials. Whether you’re a teacher, singer, nurse, preacher or writer, take some time to admire what makes you you. Discovering the unique and quirky traits God designed you with, will also help you discover who needs who you are, not just what you do.

Now, go! Use your you-ness to your advantage today and just keep swimming.



Coach Christine

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3 thoughts on “Just Keep Swimming

  1. Just keep swimming! I love that.

    I love what you said when God spoke to you about your sarcasm and being blunt and direct. Often times, or should I say many times, the thing that makes us unique and set apart is the very thing God wants to use, but use it in a WHOLE different way than how we had intended.

    I just LOVE YOU!!! I love you, blog sister!


  2. I am constantly reminded that people don’t function the same as I do but this is the quality that makes me uniquely me. I am a definite work that needs more progress. It is easy to tell someone what they need to do but when it comes to self… anyway. I am grateful to have stumbled across your blog. blessings sis.


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