When Purpose Stops Being Fun



So this is what I was expecting after my break became a sabbatical and my sabbatical became “Umm…Am I even doing this anymore?”

Blog. Post. Read. Comment. Record. Tweet. Repeat.

Blog. Post. Read. Comment. Record. Tweet. Repeat.




All of it just stopped being fun and if I’m being honest, it also stopped being easy.

I mentioned before that blogging was easy for me. I didn’t have to sit and scratch my brain about topics. So when it stopped being fun and felt more like a duty than a joy, I wasn’t motivated to return to my post.

I knew that all those things were a part of my purpose. I knew my candid, humorous, and practical way of seeing things was blessing and inspiring countless people. But somewhere along the way, it just stopped being fun. (insert Kanye shrug)

So I just stopped.

Stopped everything.

Didn’t post a picture for months. Didn’t tweet a thing. Didn’t write one word. Just stopped.

And then something amazing happened…

I had done nothing in the social media limelight for months yet my name was STILL associated with purpose…coaching…creativity…counsel.

When I did begin engaging on social media, some thought I was working on some big project, others thought I was overrun with clients, some said how they missed my videos and blogs, and I’m thinking wow….

I was still being viewed as a purpose producer. 

Here I am sitting on my couch, binge-watching shows and these people are thinking I’m off working on earning a Nobel Peace Prize. Ha! 

God showed me that no matter how I feel, the purposes He has for me, will be perfected and completed…whether I’m on board or not.

Me stopping did not stop my purpose. People are still reading my posts and still responding to words that I’ve said over a year ago.

When you’re in purpose everything you do is potent.

My Spima (my spiritual mama aka life coach aka the sunshine of my life) said something to me once that stuck with me. She said to me, “Ministry is not what you do, its who you are.” And in writing this, that’s the message that I want you to get. Purpose is not something you do, it’s who you are. And who we are stays with people longer than what we do for them.

Love and Missed You All

Coach Christine 

2 thoughts on “When Purpose Stops Being Fun

  1. I miss you so muchhhhhhhhh but, it’s understandable cause we’ve all gone through the stages of not feeling it anymore and it’s not a “I give up” feeling , it’s just a “eh, I don’t feel it” – it’s normal. However, I’ve been watching you and I’ve been seeing how you’re still impacting people’s lives with your positivity and kind words. No it’s not a blog or a video but, you’re still doing something. God is truly working in you my dear and I’m proud of you regardless coach Christine ♥️♥️. No matter what you do I’ll support you either way….


  2. I totally understand where you’re consign from that’s the phase I’m in right now and I’m trying to start writing and recording again. I’ve been doing some guest posting from time to time to put out content . Plus I wrote a post the other day but the motivation and drive I usto have is just not there anymore neither in blogging or YouTube and I realize it’s been happening to me with my business also. I want to get out do the rut but it’s hard to crawl out


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